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The Fastway Newsletter Archive

Fastway sends out a Newsletter (almost) every month. In it, our subscribers enjoy reading Industry News, Upcoming Classes, and short Articles about our favorite topics, such as Computational Mathematics and Physics in the world of Mechanical Engineering (FEA, CFD, etc.), cutting edge hardware trends and the latest software capabilities and best practices.

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In the mean time, here is an archive of the newsletters which have already been sent out!



Mar - Working from Home with CAD, CAE, and HPC in the Cloud

Feb - Trusting Simulation Results without Test Data



Oct - Please DON'T Simulate Everything...

Sep - Simulating a 'Multi'tude of Electronics

Aug - It's "Back to School" Time!!

Jul - Optimize Schmoptimize

Apr - Simulation and the Tallest Building in the World

Mar - Do you know the history of CAD/CAE?

Feb - This FEA/CFD newsletter is brought by the letter "A"

Jan - The Fastest FEA and the Coolest CFD from 2018


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