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Vintage Vortex Visualization

Check out this classic video from the NASA Ames Research Center on Computational Fluid Dynamics in 1988. NASA Fluid Dynamics Division Chief, Dr Paul Kutler, explains, "With advancements in Computational Simulation technology combined with evolutionary changes in computer hardware, realistic flow simulations that emulate fluid flows at flight conditions are made possible."

Here we are, more than 25 years later, and not only has the technology advanced (with new solvers, better graphics, and more efficient meshing algorithms) but the hardware has predictably evolved as well (Thanks Gordo!). We bet the people in this video wouldn't be too surprised however. Those of us at the forefront of the technology know just how fast it's moving. And it's not slowing down any time soon. These are exciting times!

Having that amount of technology at our fingertips is how Fastway Engineering helps our customers make informed decisions about their products. Whether it's predicting pressures or visualizing vortices we owe a lot of our success to the NASA Engineers for "launching" this technology!

Jan 2017 update: Just found another one from 1989, with equally awesome background music. Enjoy!

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