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Multi-Material Machinery, Part I: Alloys

 Here at Fastway Engineering, we are addicted to speed and performance. It is at the core of our business, and the focus of our consultation services - Simply put, we help engineering firms measure and increase their speed and performance.

For automotive vehicles, speed and performance can be characterized by a power-to-weight ratio (typically expressed as Horsepower-per-pound or HP/lb). To increase this performance ratio two options exist: Increasing the power, or reducing the weight. Both options require extensive engineering, but the latter of which involves perhaps a bit more effort, including supply chain analysis, manufacturing processes optimization, and of course materials management.

A recent article from SAE showcases the effort to reduce vehicle weight by utilizing multiple materials within the chassis structure, and the challenges that OEM's face. As versatile as composites are, they are still a bit too expensive to be used throughout the chassis, although the trend is heading that way. As a result, companies like Hyundai and Ford are focusing on metals such as High Strength Steel (HSS) and Aluminum Alloys, and the challenges in manufacturing and assembly.

Fastway has years of experience using FEA to analyze materials such as High Strength Steel & Aluminum Alloys for maximizing strength to weight ratios in Automotive and Aerospace vehicles.

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